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Gotti: “We will have to be good at bringing the match to ours, taking advantage of the qualities of the group”

Gotti: “We will have to be good at bringing the match to ours, taking advantage of the qualities of the group”

16 September 2022 - 16:51

On the eve of the challenge with Sampdoria, coach Luca Gotti analyzed the themes of the match as follows: "As at the beginning of the last championship, Napoli is hard to deal with, it plays well and is putting everyone in trouble at any level. We on the one hand tried to make our own game, trying to take away points from the "Maradona" and especially in the second half, especially from the 20th minute onwards, I started to cradle the thought of going out even with the entire draw on, although the draw result probably from my point of view would have been the most right. Then instead you come home with zero points and a lot of regret, but the test of my boys was positive.

Reca, who had had a problem on the final of the Napoli match, among other things a concause of the action of the goal, seemed to have a more serious injury, averted on Monday, and then to be aggregated to the group for a couple of days. Gyasi also had a week as a hitch, but I already trust today that I have him regularly with the team and available tomorrow. This was Ekdal’s best week, he managed to work with continuity and peace of mind, and it’s definitely good news.

It is difficult and it will be more and more difficult for everyone to define the game systems. There are overlapping things that we prepared last week for Napoli and reworkable tomorrow.  The numerical trends of a team must be analyzed between six, seven games, not before, otherwise it matters a lot what kind of calendar you have had, in the long run this will give a more realistic connotation than what the team expresses as game characteristics. 

It is natural to think immediately of the strikers, who are the ones who act closest to the door, but on the contrary it is something that we have to put ourselves as a team, according to the men we manage to bring into the box and the offensive action that we can create. This is one of my priorities.

I think Ekdal can get into the current game, the guy gave me this chance, I forced him in a couple of situations where he was actually not able to face a Serie A match, but we had those needs there. The general situation has improved and his condition too.  I

n the Napoli match there is a situation in which we were in numerical superiority in the penalty area, while they scored the goal when we were in eight to defend and they were in four to attack, it is clear that we will have to improve in the two penalty areas.

We certainly know that we have prepared the game with the right attitude, playing to the maximum of our chances.  Ellertsson is a player who comes from a partial championship in Serie B with Spal where he was injured, he was introduced to me before the start of the championship as a guy who came to number and show his characteristics before being shot on loan always in B. The first week I looked at it with those eyes, but moving forward with the days I liked it from a tactical, football and commitment point of view. From the outset I informed the company that as far as I was concerned the boy was destined to stay with the group and when I can I let him play.

Surely Sampdoria had a calendar similar to ours, this influenced the standings, we know the Serie A, the Blucerchiati and their coach, tomorrow Spezia faces a strong team. Sampdoria is good on some things and we on others, so it will be a game to bring on our side, where we can better express our qualities.

With Macia we only met by phone, giving us an appointment to start discussing in depth the situation in Spezia, starting as early as next week.”