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D'Angelo: "Passion, work and unity of purpose to get back on our feet as soon as possible"

D'Angelo: "Passion, work and unity of purpose to get back on our feet as soon as possible"

15 November 2023 - 19:31

This afternoon, at the conference room of the "Ferdeghini" sports center, the newly appointed Aquilotto coach Luca D'Angelo met the press in the usual presentation conference. Introducing the conference was Spezia Calcio CEO Andrea Gazzoli: "I would like first of all to say goodbye to coach Alvini and his staff for the professionalism and seriousness shown in these months. It is sorry that the path together has been interrupted, but there was strong reflection and I think we should thank the ownership for allowing us a difficult choice, of great responsibility towards the city, the fans and the Club. I hope that this is the beginning of a path that involves all of us, together with the city. Let's start from Sunday night, the passion I saw toward this jersey, although in a severe contestation, impressed me, nothing to do instead with those two unpleasant episodes that happened to two of our members.

The floor was then passed to Chief Football Officer Eduardo Macía: "I wanted first of all to thank Coach Alvini: an honest person, a great worker, who had to deal with a critical situation after a relegation and who put his soul into his work; we have to thank him for starting to build this road that we have begun to travel, but now we have to improve. We have a long road ahead of us, but we are alive. I thank coach Luca D'Angelo for immediately embracing our project; we are talking about a person who has great values and who will know how to bring them back to the field. He has great experience, both in hot and passionate squares and in difficult situations, and we are absolutely convinced in entrusting him with the technical guidance of the team. The Ownership has been very clear in these last hours, we need to improve and improve again, it is a demanding Ownership, we know that, and we have to understand that when you don't bring home results a climate of frustration like this is normal, but this has to push us to do more, all together, each one for what he is responsible for".

Luca D'Angelo: "I immediately sensed the club's desire to sign me as a coach, and that made all the difference for me, so much so that it took very little to convince me. I also want to say hello to Coach Alvini, whom I know very well: he is a very prepared coach, from the human point of view unimpeachable. I noticed right away that the team is at a good level, that he has worked well, and so he should be given credit for that. It is clear that something up to now may not have worked at its best, otherwise the ranking would be different, but I believe that this is not a dead and defenseless team, but on the contrary has the qualities to get back up.
I have been five years in Pisa, it is a hot square, as I know that it is a hot square in Spezia, and I can tell you, as well as the fans, that I will put everything I have to make Spezia go back up and be that team that everyone expects. I immediately sensed that the guys care so much to make things improve, there will certainly have been psychological difficulties due to the relegation, but I will try to bring through my game a little something extra to lift the situation. I am not a great speaker, so I try to respond with actions and not words.

I am pleased that the fans have welcomed me well, the idea is not to disappoint them and give my all to bring benefits. In soccer there are no written recipes, this sport is not a science, it's a game where the human factor is many times underestimated; you don't realize that we are dealing with guys who are under a lot of pressure, it's not easy after a relegation to start again and so the thing I ask, with great humility, is to stay as close as possible to these guys because I'm sure that also thanks to the unity of all the components, we will know how to change pace.
The team also adapted well to Alvini's way of playing, there are very physical and aggressive defensive players, I have a different idea of play, absolutely not better or worse, but still with differences. However, I am happy with the squad I have at my disposal, they have great physical qualities and excellent technical skills. The form, on the other hand, is still too early to be outlined.

I haven't talked individually with the players yet, but I certainly will, both with the younger and the more experienced ones. I don't like the talk that because a player is more experienced he has to take more responsibility, those should be divided equally between players and coach, it won't be age that will dictate my lineup choices. 
There is plenty of time to turn things around, it is a long, indecipherable league that can have twists and turns, it is a tournament with a broad history and, I repeat, there is every chance to get out of the situation we are in.  
The ability of the directors to convince me made all the difference: they didn't struggle, I accepted practically immediately, as well as the great strength of the Ownership, not only from an economic point of view, but also in terms of facilities. Then I know the passion of these people, for the team and for the jersey, so there were all the conditions to say yes.

We have to try to make the most of the players we have, I challenge anyone to say that the team's roster is not good. The January market is too far in the future, I don't want to talk about it, also because I want to know the material I have at my disposal well, especially on the human side, which is a fundamental trait in difficult situations like these. 
I think that we will not play easy games in this league, Serie B is the league where balance reigns supreme, every game is a real struggle, which sometimes goes beyond technical ability, and the fact that in the next round a great opponent like Sampdoria awaits us must be an additional stimulus to do well and we will therefore try to bring home the victory, because it is part of our work and because Spezia cannot think of going to the fields to take a holiday, but must want to try to impose itself always.

The main ability of a soccer player is to have a warm heart and a cool head. It's easy when things are always going well, however, human existence is not like that, there are times when things turn stormy and in these cases one must have the moral capacity to come out of it. I also believe that beyond qualities, a footballer must show passion for what he does and he must show it every single day, because qualities without passion are worthless.
Today I conducted the first training session, the one in Follo is a very good facility, where there is everything to allow me and my staff to act in the best way".